4 of The Most Daring Pairs of Shoes

If you’re feeling a little crazy and wanted to venture outside of your shoe comfort zone, then perhaps some of these wacky and wonderful shoes will take your fancy. I will warn you though you have to be rich to be able to purchase any of these shoes, this is just a bit of a fun post to show you what kinds of shoes are out there on the non-affordable fashion market!


1 – Balenciaga x Croc Spring 2018 Collection

We’ve all heard of this brand and Croc fashion but together we have a force to be reckoned. A platform Croc with all of the Balenciaga badges clipped onto the front of the shoe turns it into the most high-end Croc on the market. They have been seen on the catwalk, but I cannot say that I have seen any celebrities or people in the street rocking this style from 2018 onwards, some part of me wants to say that Crocs should be left in the past, but the other part knows how super comfortable they were to slip on!


2 – Iron Maiden by Gucci, Prada, Victoria Beckham, and Jil Sander

A look to wow your friends and the crowds from miles away would be these heeled metal chained boots. They are not for everyone, but I think they look drop-dead gorgeous especially if they were worn with a mini cowl neck black or silver dress, it would be the picture of sophistication and chic fashion. These boots aren’t cheap, and can you really be that surprised with that many designers on the label! Normally these types of shoes are overly flashy, but these are elegant as well as do their job at making a huge statement. Maybe if you save up for some over the next 10 years, you’ll have them gracing your feet in no time.


3 – Prinz by Christian Louboutin

Are you daring enough to wear stilettos? How about these gorgeous Louboutin shoes that have a thin metallic heel, and thick black toe? They are truly a sight to behold and would be the headline at any party or event. Designer shoes are aimed to wow and show off the most that fashion can provide so if you want to be the height of fashion picking something from a collection like this will truly help you to make this statement. Also, those red bottoms will really be eye-catching from any spectator’s point of view. Let me know if you also adore these shoes as I do!


4 – Off-White: ODSY-1000

Not into heels? Then perhaps these might take your fancy for your daring fashion look. The shoes are styled with an 80s graffiti vibe that is packed and filled with bright colors. You could style them with skirts and jeans to create a more street vibe rather than the previous classy looks we have seen. The bottoms of the shoes are also amazing where they have pointed edges like teeth, and they look super cool, plus it adds to the comfort of the shoe. This is my favorite part about the shoe because it is different from other shoes you see in the market, making them more eye-catching and worth the money you’d be paying for them.


Did you like some of the daring shoes seen in this post? Let me know which ones or which shoes you would never ever be seen in! I know I would get a couple if I had the money sitting in my bank account right now. It has been really fun to research these shoes and there are so many more out there too, so have a look for yourself and see what you can find!


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