About Me

About Me…


Name: Jenna Bush

Occupation: Accountant 

Pets: My cat Kuzco 

Interests: Fashion and home decor/improvements

Dislikes: Seafood and baseball 

Favorite color: Pink (“Duh”) 

I am so happy you have chosen my blog to read! This is such an exciting new chapter for me where I can write about the things I really love and give them to other people to read, this is my dream come true! I have a very busy day-to-day life mostly due to the hustle and bustle of being the “Big Apple” –  New York City. Five days a week I am a busy accountant for a large business, on the weekends I am whatever I want to be, a fashion influencer, pro singer at the karaoke bar, or a skating legend at the roller rink. I grew up in the city so I am very used to this kind of lifestyle, you always meet new people from all over the place so it is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and cool places to be in the world.


About my Blog…


My blog is going to be treated as my baby because it is something that I have wanted to do for so long but never had the time to do it. The other day I thought to myself “I’m never going to be not busy enough to start a blog so why not just start one now” and here I am. I will hopefully be posting every month so I hope that you carry on reading and stay along for the adventure!


Love Jenna x