jenna bush

Hi, I'm Jenna...


I'm so excited that you have chosen my blog to read! My blog is all about fashion, home improvements, and budgeting advice.

A bit of background about me is that I am a 25-years-old, I live with my boyfriend and cat in a little flat in New York, and I am an accountant for quite a big business firm. However, my true passion is sitting down on my sofa, writing these blogs, and flicking through fashion channels on the TV.




Fashion is such an amazing concept and we use it to represent our personalities and interests. Heck, some people make friends or relationships simply based on appearance! We get nervous about dates because we don't know what to wear, and a wedding is "all about the dress". Fashion is everywhere you can't escape it and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Home Improvement...

Home is our sanctuary, it is where we go to hide from the stress of the day and it is our own private temple. This is why living in a home that represents you is so important to your wellbeing, and no matter how many times my boyfriend nags at me for buying more new things for our flat, it makes us BOTH happy in the end!

Home improvement = life improvement.



How else are you going to afford these new clothes or pieces of furniture? Organizing a great budget can make the difference from money for living to money for enjoyment, and although it can be really tough to budget when you have a trash salary it can still be possible. So start enjoying the cash you have worked hard to earn!