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No matter what your actual activity levels, everyone’s wardrobe should include a few staple pieces of activewear which websites such as StringKing can provide for those who are looking at a range. Whether you are a gym bunny or a couch potato, sportswear is comfortable, fit for purpose, and incredibly versatile. Plus, having some high quality tracksuits in your wardrobe ready means no matter what you’re prepared for anything, as well as look and feel good doing it. So, let us discover 5 essential items of clothing for sports.

  1. Sports Bra

Sports bras should form the backbone of your sportswear. Moreover, nowadays, sports bras are built to suit all shapes and sizes. So, if you prefer built-in cups or multiway stretch, or even if wide straps are more your thing, there is plenty of choices online and on the high street. Just be sure to pick out a sports bra that offers the perfect amount of compression to tackle those high-impact workouts. Front closures can also make it easy to slip your sports bra off after a strenuous workout.

  1. Leggings

The ideal pair of leggings for sports needs a high-rise waist to protect and support your core – the last thing you want to be doing is looking up CBD oil UK laws, or wherever you are, to see if you might be able to use it to help treat any pain caused by your workout, and having to take a break from your routine. Additionally, multi-stretch fabrics with built-in moisture-wicking technology can help your leggings to maintain their shape. Length is totally up to you though. From cute, cropped styles to full-length leggings, invest in pieces that make you feel confident and ready to take on your workout. Built-in pockets can also be a nice perk if you like to take your gadgets with you when exercising.

  1. Matching Sets

Do you struggle to know how to put together an outfit for sports? A matching set is an answer to your prayers. There is nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into a matching set that looks cohesive and stylish. Perfect for both the gym and home workouts, wearing a matching set is a chance to inject a little fun into your sportswear wardrobe. Why not pick out a matching set with a unique pattern or design? You could look for inspiration at what the athletes wear so that you get an idea of what needs to be brought in order to look chic and comfortable.

  1. An Extra Layer

Although the aim of working out is to get hot and sweaty, on a colder day, an extra layer can help you to stay warm when playing sports. Transitional pieces like sweatshirts, zip-up jackets, or pullovers are an absolute must-have during autumn and winter, and sometimes even during the spring. Playing sports in the rain or snow is far from ideal, but if your workout cannot wait for the weather to improve then a light layering piece can stop you from catching a chill. When shopping for extra layers, prioritize waterproof fabrics, neutral shades like light grey, and reflective materials. When playing sports in low light, the sheen of a lightweight jacket will ensure that your teammates can always spot you.

  1. Bike Shorts

With the 90s athleisure revival trend showing no signs of slowing down, bike shorts are back with a bang. Although investing in leggings is still hugely important when playing sports, bike shorts can help to keep your outfits fun and versatile. Pick out sleek and sporty styles in black and white and try pairing your bike shorts with a sports bra during your workouts. Bike shorts are great for wearing way after your game is over too, especially if they have pockets to stash your phone and keys. Once you have finished exercising, just slip on a comfortable hoodie and a pair of sneakers and you are ready to carry on with the rest of your day.

Ultimately, adding some staple sportswear pieces to your wardrobe ensures that you are ready to work out no matter what. If the sun is shining, you can team a sports bra with a pair of bike shorts, and on rainy days, you can switch to leggings or a matching set and a lightweight extra layer. Above all, do not be afraid to try on a few different types of activewear to determine what works best for you and your workout habits.

What are some of your favorite activewear essentials? Get in touch and share your thoughts.

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