Tops, Tops, and More Tops

There are so many kinds of tops to play around with these days and so how are we supposed to choose! Most of the time I feel spoiled for choice and cannot decide what to wear and when, so I collected some of my favorite tops into one blog post to give you some inspiration about what to wear and what to wear it with, so here we go!



I love Bardot tops because they are very freeing as well as making your neck, and collar line look long and elegant. This top is perfect to wear in summer or the spring because it is a cool and breezy look that you can wear with jeans, a skirt, or shorts, making it very versatile too. In addition, they are great for an evening event all through the year as well, as you could acquire a dressier Bardot top for a meal at a fancy restaurant or going out for drinks in the evening. Due to the versatility and vibrance of a Bardot top, they have soon become one of my favorites in my wardrobe.


Printed T

Do you want a more casual outfit? Then a printed t-shirt is a great choice because it can help to represent your personality as well as being an understated and comfortable piece of clothing. I have many of these tops in my collection with different levels of vibrancy and design, and they look superb with a pair of jeans and shorts. I even love to wear them with culottes, for summery attire. The great thing about these tops is that you can buy them from pretty much anywhere but getting them from independent vendors from websites like Etsy will help to give you that more unique look.


Crop top

This is a controversial one, you either love a crop top or you hate it! For me it depends on the type of day, sometimes I can think of nothing worse in the world than showing my body, and other days I feel super confident, and I am ready to face the day, it’s all about comfort levels. You can get lowcut, high cut, wrap, and so many other styles of crop tops to suit various people and what they are personally comfortable wearing. I will tell you one thing there is nothing better than wearing a crop top and a pair of shorts on a boiling hot day, helping you to stay nice and cool.


Cold shoulder top

A cold shoulder top is similar to a Bardot where you have the pieces of material wrapped around your arms but in addition, there is material around your neck but with a gap where your shoulders are, hence, the name cold shoulder. I love these tops for lazy days and also for days where you fancy going for a long walk but don’t want to wear a boring outfit. These tops are great for someone who does not want to show off too much chest but still wants their outfit to be light and breezy so if this is you, I highly recommend a shopping trip to get a couple of these tops in your wardrobe.


These are only a few tops that you could include within your collection but there is an abundance of different designs to suit varying levels of confidence and body shapes to make everyone feel comfortable within their own skin. Anyone can and should wear anything they want as long as they are comfortable it should not matter what anyone else thinks. I do not agree that plus-size girls cannot show their stomachs and skinnier girls should not wear baggy tops, we are all equal and everyone deserves the right to be comfortable and show their own personalities within their clothing choices.

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