Factors to Consider in Buying New Fashion Clothes

There is no doubt that buying new fashion clothes is sometimes a relaxing and rewarding activity, but most of the time, it is a pretty daunting experience. Our approach and attitude are just two among several factors that affect the way we purchase things. So, to prevent being disappointed by the things you will buy, you should take a closer look at its details.

If this is your first time filling your wardrobe with fashionable clothes, I am here to assist you. I will provide you with a list of the factors that need to be taken into consideration to make your shopping a stress-free and budget-friendly experience. Read further to know more!

The Width and Flexibility of the Shoes

There is no doubt that today’s market is filled with fashionable shoes. But most of them are not comfortable to wear. In checking the flexibility of a shoe, I recommend you twist and bend them. A shoe is high-quality if you see resistance when you turn and bend them. If you think that the footwear is flexible, the next thing you should check is its comfort. So, for you to check the comfortability of the shoes, try to walk on the carpet as well as on hard-textured surfaces.

Aside from the length, you should also take a closer look at the shoe’s width. Ensure that it has additional space insider to keep your toes comfortable. Avoid buying too tight shoes as they are not reasonable and comfortable to wear.

You should perhaps also consider sporting a good pair of socks in addition to comfortable shoes since sweating in your sneakers can be harmful to your feet. The sock is thought to be important for both protection and comfort and is frequently marketed as having moisture-wicking, insulation/heat-dissipating, or blister reducing properties. You can purchase it based on the activities you intend to perform with it. In any case, you want your socks to be both comfortable and long-lasting. You can minimally try searching for ‘world’s most comfortable socks‘ to get comfortable wear for your feet.

Jeans’ Length

If you are a lady, you know that a pair of jeans is one of the essential things a girl’s wardrobe should have. Whether it be a pair of mom jeans (like those seen on for instance) or any other style, making sure you get the best ones you need is vital. If you prefer ankle pants, look at its hem and ensure that it is located right or a little above the ankle bone. If you like skinny jeans, opt for the one that offers an ankle-length and neat look. Lastly, if you love wearing straight jeans, be sure to pick a pair that cover the tops of your feet. Do not forget to buy something that complements your body shape and type.

If you are a man who loves wearing jeans, I recommend you to opt for something that can cover your socks but not the whole shoe.

Mandatory Waiting Period

This means that you should not immediately purchase something that caught your attention. I advise you to wait at least two weeks after seeing the item before buying it. You will find yourself uninterested in purchasing that item after a few weeks of waiting in most cases. Keep in mind that the amount of money you should spend on buying clothes should not exceed 5 percent of your overall salary.

Don’t Trust the Size Indicated on the Label.

In the past, many clothing manufacturers have followed a standard sizing chart. But nowadays, brands have started to use their particular sizing systems. Another issue you may encounter with sizes is what we call “vanity sizing.” Did you know that the size eight t-shirt today is the same as the size 16 shirt back in 1958? This means that you should always look for something that complements your body and not rely on the sizing system of the brand you follow.

The Fabric Quality

It is essential to take a look at the label of the clothing item you will purchase. Please note that while synthetic fabrics are inexpensive and usually combined with natural-looking materials, most of them only last for a few years and aren’t suitable for machine laundering. To check the fabric quality, you can place it under the light. From there, you can determine the weave density and weight.

Aside from that, you should also look at the seams of the item. Make sure that the garment features inside and outside seams. This is the simplest way to check if they are not stitched several times, loose, or sloppy.


When it comes to buying clothing items, there are lots of factors to consider. Some of them are the ones I have mentioned above. So, be a wise buyer by considering the factors listed. Do not spend a lot on something that does not deserve the price. Always check the quality of the item to ensure if it will last or not.

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