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How to Remove Makeup Safely – 5 Top Tips

Wearing makeup is a fantastic way to boost your confidence, conceal blemishes and enhance your facial features. However, if you are someone who loves to wear makeup, then it is incredibly important to cleanse your face. Removing your makeup properly protects your skin by preventing dryness, halting wrinkles, and limiting irritation.

Furthermore, makeup products contain so many chemicals that they may clog your pores and even cause acne. Makeup chemicals can produce free radicals, which are unstable molecules. These unstable molecules cause collagen damage in the skin, resulting in wrinkles. As a result, it is recommended that you remove all makeup from your skin as soon as you reach your home. Diet could also be important in maintaining healthy skin. The nutrients you consume can help your skin to be healthy on the inside and out. However, if you are unable to follow a proper diet or consume all of the necessary nutrients, you could try private label supplements. Including an ingestible supplement to help with collagen production could result in more visible results. According to research, supplements can definitely help with collagen production, which is one of our skin’s building blocks (proteins).

With that being said, not everyone understands how to take off makeup correctly. Furthermore, even fewer people know how to remove makeup without makeup remover. While makeup wipes can seem like a quick fix, if you have delicate skin, facial wipes can actually do more damage than good.

So, are makeup wipes bad for your skin, or can they be used safely in conjunction with other skincare products? Let’s discover 5 simple tips that can help you to remove your makeup while also taking care of your skin.

Only Use Makeup Wipes As A Last Resort

Makeup wipes definitely have a place in your makeup bag, but should they be your holy grail product for removing makeup? It is no secret that when used prior to cleansing, makeup remover wipes can help to loosen your cosmetics and speed up the removal process. Nevertheless, a face wipe alone is not enough to remove makeup residue or to prep your face for the next step of your nighttime skincare. If you cannot possibly be parted from your wipes, then make sure that you buy high-quality ones to take off your makeup.

For instance, most makeup wearers at some point have considered the age-old question “Can I use baby wipes to remove makeup?” Sadly, contrary to popular belief, baby wipes are not a good choice to clean your face. A common misconception is that because babies have sensitive skin, it is okay to use baby wipes to cleanse your face. Unfortunately, effective makeup removal requires several unique ingredients and therefore baby wipes are no substitute for a specially formulated cleanser.

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Switch Out Cotton Balls For Flat Cotton Pads

Cotton is a common component in most makeup removal tools. However, you might be interested to learn that flat cotton pads are much softer on your skin than cotton balls. These flatter shapes are less likely to leave behind fibers or residue that can irritate dry or acne-prone skin. Some makeup artists even recommend quilted cotton pad designs for an extra touch of luxury. Flat cotton pads are fantastic for removing eye makeup as they mold to the contours of your eye sockets and soak up cleansers and dirt incredibly well.

Just remember to hold any soaked pads over your eyes for around 10 seconds before gently swiping in downwards motions to allow your cleanser to work its magic. Equally, a flat cotton pad soaked in an oil or cream-based cleanser can even be applied to your lips to remove long-wearing lipsticks. When cleansing with cotton pads, do not to scrub back and forth too forcefully, and always pass over the surface of your skin in the same direction to shift any stubborn colors.

Invest In A Good Cleanser

If you have ever wondered how to remove makeup without wipes, then a trusty cleanser is the ideal solution. Foundation, liquid lipsticks, and eye shadow pigments can be tough to budge, but using a cleanser to wash your face makes a huge difference. Although it can be tempting to use a standard face wash to remove makeup, these more basic products are not usually designed to remove makeup. Instead, try to use cleansers that contain makeup-removing ingredients such as micellar water first.

Alternatively, you might want to use a high-quality cleansing oil or a balm. You can also use CBD cleanser and lotion for makeup removal since the anti-inflammation properties of cannabis could be beneficial for acne-prone skin and reduce sebum production to provide you with clean and moisturized skin. To know more about such skincare merchandise, you can check out a cbd catalog with details like product manufacturing and ingredients.

Simply massage your chosen cleanser over your face, leave it to sit for around 15 seconds, and then wipe away the residue with a damp cotton washcloth. For any stubborn makeup stains, a double cleanse might be needed. Essentially, a second cleanse involves using a different water-based face wash after an initial cleanse to penetrate deeper into your pores and to remove impurities.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The skin around your eyes is one of the most sensitive areas on your face. With this in mind, if you want to avoid eye infections, eye irritation, styes, and broken eyelashes, you need to give your eyes extra attention. Products like mascara are tricky to remove, but using a waterproof eye makeup remover can make the task a little easier – although you still may wish to get lash extensions to give yourself the long lashes you are looking for without the mascara. Always be gentle when removing eye makeup as any excessive friction can damage the delicate skin around your eyes, which can cause irritation and contribute to wrinkles. Also, if you happen to use tap water for washing your eyes, you might want to replace it with distilled water which can be found on the Golyath website. Distilled water does not have any kind of impurities like bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants. Therefore, you can safely use them to wash your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes too hard should also be avoided as it can cause your eyelashes to break. Instead, hold a cotton pad soaked in remover over your eyes for a few seconds to enable the formula to soak in – you can then remove your eye makeup using gentle strokes. When cleansing your eyes, be sure to pay close attention to the edges of your eyelids. A build-up of eyeliner and mascara can lead to irritation so use a cotton swab dipped in Vaseline for this hard-to-reach area. Petroleum jelly is gentle on your skin and encourages makeup to slide off without harming your sensitive eye area.

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Always Finish With A Layer Of Moisturizer

Once you have removed your makeup and cleansed your face, apply a coat of your favorite moisturizer. Cleansing can dry out your face so use a moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp to lock in water and other skin-boosting ingredients contained in your skincare products. Finding the perfect moisturizer for your skin can be overwhelming at first. However, nowadays you can find moisturizers that have been specially formulated for dry, sensitive, and oily skin types, as well as for both light and dark complexions:

  • For itchy or dry skin, ointments tend to be best at locking in moisture.
  • Oily skin tends to benefit from light lotions with high water content.
  • People with normal or combination skin can use hydrating creams.

Some of the most effective moisturizing ingredients include glycerin and hyaluronic acid while products containing natural extracts such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and olive oil can also help to quench thirsty skin. Before you moisturize, pop on a soothing lip balm, and protect your sensitive under eyes with a gentle eye cream. Whether you have dry or oily skin, it’s incredibly important to moisturize your entire face, so don’t forget the creases of your nose, your hairline, and your neck.

Removing Your Makeup Boosts Your Beauty Sleep

Ultimately, forming good skincare habits is the key to a glowing complexion. Always try to tailor your skincare regime to your skin type – this might involve washing your face more or less often depending on how dry or oily your skin gets throughout the day. Just remember to always wash your face to remove your makeup before going to bed – some of the most important skin recovery processes take place when we are asleep.

Taking off your makeup at night removes any pore-clogging irritants before they get a chance to do any damage, giving your skin a chance to breathe and recuperate. Above all, washing your face carefully can help you to enjoy healthy skin for years to come.

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