Basic Fashion Tips for Curvy Ladies

We all have diverse perspectives when it comes to fashion and style. However, women find it harder to dress up at times, considering the different body shapes or body types. Some women are flat and thin, some are plus-sized, and some possess the ‘hourglass’ body shape, which also connotes a curvy body type.

Curvy women are those women who have a thinner waist and larger hips. For instance, if you have a waist measurement of 26cm and 36cm hips; you can consider your body curvy. The best example of a celebrity with a curvy body is the famous singer-actress Beyonce’ Knowles. Women with this kind of body shape are often admired and envied by others. But the truth is, they also face great difficulty in wearing the clothes that will best suit them. What hourglass-shaped women don’t realize is that they have the rarest and most desired figure type, which every woman desires. It is regarded as the ideal and balanced shape. Many people want to look like Kim Kardashian (who has an hourglass body shape) by getting a breast augmentation. If you aspire to look like her, you may simply look into the breast implant cost in Denver or wherever you live and go on with the procedure if it fits your budget. So, if you have an hourglass body shape naturally, you are fortunate to have the curves that define what makes a woman womanly and for which women spend a lot of money. You have large boobs, a small and short waist, large hips, and ample thighs.

Having said that, how to dress with an hourglass shape? Is there anything that should be completely avoided? Below, we have some simple fashion tips that can be followed. Check them out and let us know if we missed out on anything.

  1. Wear for comfort.

We should always remind ourselves of this first basic rule. Wear what makes us comfortable. What matters is tight outfits, or very loose dresses do not stress us to live up to what others would say.

Curvy women can always wear comfortable plain shirts since our body will be the one to do its thing: giving a shirt a good shape.

  1. Go for fitted clothes, not tight ones.

We must always dig deeper and know the difference between ‘fitted’ and “too tight.” Fitted clothes are the ones that can flaunt the curve shape of our bodies – neither tight nor loose. Remember that tight clothes or dresses will only give us discomfort. And worse, it could even cause us to be immobile since we cannot move freely.

  1. Use belts.

The power of belts lies behind the art of wearing them correctly. The curvy ladies are advised to wear belts since they can accentuate their sexy waists. Straps complement the curve body, whether they are paired with high-waist pants or comfy skirts.

  1. Wear high-waist pants or pencil skirts.

As mentioned earlier, you can pair high-waist pants and skirts with the belts to stress the curvy shape. However, these kinds of pants and skirts can be worn without straps. We can depend on them alone if we want to look good despite being curvy. We need to find the right texture of pants and skirts to flaunt outlines of the curve properly.

  1. Use ‘jeggings’ instead of leggings.

Leggings cannot be worn as pants since they are best paired with long or loose tops. In this case, leggings are not suited to curvy women. But jeggings (or jeans-type of leggings) can pull it off since their texture is safer and an excellent alternate to pants.

  1. Find the right shoes.

Shoes are a vital part of styling methods and fashion trends. And often, all we need is a perfect pair of shoes to complement what we are wearing. The color of the shoes must also abide by the colors of our clothes and dresses. The best advice would be to buy shoes with timeless colors that can complement more colors and never look off any outfit.

  1. Find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Always check on new trends or styles which can benefit our body shape. Search for hot recent fashion trends that would help accentuate the curves. By doing so, you can never go out of style, and no one can top that. Additionally, do remember that fashion trends are not confined to clothes. You might be surprised to find how much you can discover with accessories and body modifications like a tattoo (click here to learn more). Being trendy can do us no harm.

  1. Always look for V-neckline or any wide neckline.

A round and tight neckline is a big no-no for curvy ladies. Always find clothes and dresses with a wide neckline. Aside from the comfort, it can add more drama to our body’s curve shape.

  1. Wrap it up with Wrap Tops.

Wrap tops and shirts are worn best by curvy ladies. Why? It is because these tops provide more stress and accent on the sexy waist of a curvy body. They add more drama and excitement when worn.

You can also search for do-it-yourself wrap shirts for some casual outfits that you wish to wear as part of your “To Wear List.”

At this juncture, I bet you already have some notes with you upon reading the simple tips above. Remember that there is no harm in flaunting our body shape to the best of our abilities. Be stylish and be you!

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